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"Welcome to Kroel, home of the most savage and vicious Powermon, where the golden rule is "Kill or be killed"


Darksilvania Wiki is a collaborative website that anyone can edit! We are devoted to the great artist Darksilvania on DeviantART. I will post articles about his work as time allows me. Hope the fans can get to me but I am SmashBrosDude on DeviantART, so contact me there if you find this wiki. I would like to say I do not own any of the content that will be or is posted on this wiki. All credit goes to Darksilvania

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Magyora to DeomegaEdit

One of our missions is to make a Bulbapedia-like site that shows every last Powermon with stats, attacks, things like behavior and physiology, diet, where they could be found in Kroel, Powerdex entries, possible held items, weaknesses, TMs and HMs it could learn, moves it could possibly learn through breeding and tutor moves. (most of these things will be determined by the original Pokemon)


Pokemon: Iron and CopperEdit

This website also serves as the ultimate repository for all the concepts within the Pokemon: Iron and Copper canon, including characters, events, and ideas never before seen in the world of Pokemon. I sure do hope you enjoy it, because it's going to be a wild ride!

- Andrew Tempest and Sean Skyhawk


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