Not to be confused with the Pokemon move, Mist (move).

The Mist (Japanese: 霧 The Mist) is a magical force exclusive to the Iron/Copper anime. Its main role is to conceal the nature of the supernatural world, which includes a wide range of concepts such as Avatars and Legendary Powermon. Regular humans, referred to as "mortals" by some Avatars, cannot see through this Mist, which means that they percieve supernatural events in a relatively ordinary way.

In Iron/CopperEdit

Because mortals cannot see through the Mist, they are unable to discern a majority of supernatural creatures, items, events, or people. It is first seen in Battling Up the Wrong Tree, though not mentioned, when Andy demonstrates to Ash that his Avatar weapon, Berunda, cannot be seen in its true form by Team Rocket, or by any other mortals for that matter. It is presumed that through this magical force, Legendary Powermon cannot be seen by mortals either, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Some higher-level Avatars are capable of manipulating the Mist to varying degrees, an example being Andy's apparent use of it to convince the mortals that the events of the battle between him and Lapis in Sparring Up a Storm, and the devestation that followed, were the results of a freak storm that struck the Eastern Kroel Seaboard, as was described in a news report two episodes later.

The opposite of the Mist is the Aura, the essence of every living creature.


In the Iron/Copper canon, characters that can see through the Mist are referred to as Seers. All Avatars belong to this category, although some mortals have been classed as Seers as well.

As of the current episode, the following characters have demonstrated the ability to see through the Mist in the anime:


  • According to FawkesTheSkarmory, the Mist was supposedly inspired by the Mist in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series, which was in turn inspired by the Mist in Homer's epic, the Illiad.

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